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Mindful interaction with each other.

Nature, humans & animals. That is our claim.

Family owned since 1848.

The Koflerhof consists mainly of woodland. This is probably where our great passion for wood and its sustainable use comes from.

Until 1960, the farm was used exclusively for agricultural purposes. In 1973 our grandparents built five holiday homes in log construction. The wood for this came from our own forests. The trees were felled in consideration of the right season and the moon in order to guarantee longevity. Out of joy over the lively grandchildren, each log house was given the name of one of the grandchildren. The names have been retained to this day and bring grateful smiles and fond and appreciative memories of Grandpa to the now adults.

Even back then, the sustainable and sensible use of natural resources was an aspiration of the Flaschberger family. Grandpa Robert was eagerly tinkering with the further development of his grandfather Georg's small hydroelectric power plant . At that time simply to have light and electric current. Today many envy us for our independence and the use of clean energy for our own needs. With success. Since then the water supply comes from the "Nikolobach", directly from the Mirnock. The drinking water from our own spring is carefully used and then fully biologically purified on the farm.

When Robert and Maria took over the farm, many renovations were made to the "farmhouse" . Always under careful consideration of a harmonious integration into the existing landscape. Many reconstruction and renovation works were realized with their own hands. Grandpa Robert has a special skill and much love for the material wood. He made many things himself, such as windows and doors, but also the mill wheel at the playground. In addition, an investment was made in a wood chip heating system, which supplies several houses in winter with cosy warmth from the damaged wood of their own forest.

Already in the 90s , the farm switched from dairy farming to sheep breeding . Since then, more than 50 sheep take care of a well-kept lawn. Grandma Maria, the good spirit, is responsible for the flowers and the lovingly laid out garden. Her kind nature and self-sacrifice have given the Koflerhof its soul for over forty years. Moreover, surrounded by cats, chickens including their proud rooster and quails, they feel very much at home at the Koflerhof. When the young sheep are allowed out onto the meadow for the first time, the pastures are abuzz. The fun is immediately transferred to the spectators.

At the moment Sonja and Robert, Sonja is the daughter of Maria and Robert, are allowed to manage the farm. The family values are also held high by them. One of the first projects was the general renovation of the building, which was formerly used as a sawmill. With great attention to detail, a spacious holiday home was created, including an adjoining wellness area. The highlight is the wooden sauna with lake view. Robert's initial hobby has now become a real passion. 3 ponds near the farm are home to trout and char from the own breeding and also the sheep only listen to his command.

By thecareful use of regional and own products we try to make a meaningful contribution to an intact environment not only in the enjoyment, but also in the daily life. In the meantime, the next generation is already busy helping out - Sophie and Moritz. They will add exciting chapters to the history of our farm.

We are especially pleased when guests of our farm appreciate our living space as much as we do. We would like to share a particularly nice guest post here:

"When staying up here at the "Weltenberg Mirnock" you can leave the constraints and stress of everyday life behind, relax and just "be human". Enjoy, feel good - simply be in good hands".