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Children's laughter at the water playground

Right next to the "Alte Säge" holiday home is the children's playground and Kneipp station of the Mirnock panoramic circular trail. Whether building sandcastles is high on the youngest's activity plan instead of an excursion is usually decided spontaneously. The spacious play and recreation area made of natural wood is located in a quiet area and away from the road.


Trout fishing in his own pond

Trout farming is the passion of Robert Jr. With a little luck he lets you look over his shoulders. And if it goes to Ausfischen, one may also put on times even hand. It's best to look over Moritz's shoulder, then you'll see how it works best. By the way, there is not only one pond at Koflerhof, but 3.

Yoga platform

Right next to the wooden log houses and above the vacation home is the yoga platform at Koflerhof. With your back to the mountain and your face to the lake, it's a great place to unwind.

Use the folder with detailed descriptions of the individual asanas.